Free Yourself from Your Destiny

Free Yourself from Your Destiny

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Astrology, it has been said, can reveal your destiny. Divine Love Astrology, though, aspires to free you from your destiny.

The astrological birth chart can show you your tendencies, and if you are habitual in expressing yourself according to these habitual tendencies, events and probable outcomes are somewhat predictable.

But if you were able to work within yourself to find inner balance and reprogram or overcome your habitual tendencies would you not then draw different events and outcomes? Yes, you would!

Traditionally, many astrologers use astrology as a predictive tool, but, without negating the validity of this, we feel that making predictions creates apprehensions or expectations, and we don’t see any benefit in this.

Divine Love Astrology: Revealing Spiritual Truth for Personal Transformation instead can help you understand the spiritual impulses within that motivate your tendencies. What we actually seek, spiritually, is wholeness. Our tendencies cause us to look outside ourselves for our happiness and answers. When we learn to look inside ourselves to find balance, resolve, and wholeness within we create it in our lives as well.

Love may be a nearly impossible thing to define, yet Divine Love Astrology goes a long way in helping us to define what makes us whole, brings us happiness, and fosters peace of mind, which can give us some real insight into what love really is. We all want love, but, in order to find love we must fulfill all the conditions that constitute love. Looked at the right way, the Zodiac can reveal to us what constitutes love.

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